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Dunedin Psychology office on Dunbar St, Dunedin
How Can You Benefit from Professional Supervision

In professional supervision, a person works with a supervisor who provides guidance on their professional growth.

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What do You do When Therapy Gets Hard?

Therapy is not an easy process, as it usually involves talking about problems, trauma, or emotions that affect your life...

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Tips for Recalling Therapy Sessions after They’re Over

Most people learn a lot about themselves in therapy, but the learning doesn’t stop when the session is over.

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How do You Know When You Need Professional Help?

Worry, stress, anxiety, depression, and phobias are all fairly common problems, but for most people they’re not major issues.

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Can Therapy Help You Deal with the End of a Relationship?

The end of a marriage or long-term relationship is a painful experience, and the psychological effects of such a breakup...

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How Trauma Counselling can Help You Deal with Painful Experiences

The experience of trauma can leave lasting psychological scars, affecting us in ways that we’re not always aware of.

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How to Keep Progressing Between Therapy Sessions

If you have problems you’re working on in therapy you likely feel, sometimes, that it’s hard to keep motivated, and...

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What Therapy can help You Achieve

Are you thinking about starting therapy, but are not sure whether it can help you? Seeing a psychologist for therapy...

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Types of Therapy & What they can Treat

For almost any problem you have, therapy with a trained psychologist can help you find a solution.

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Meeting a New Therapist for the First Time? Here’s How to Prepare

Working with a therapist or psychologist is challenging, but there are lots of potential benefits.

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Are you Anxious about Retirement? Here’s How Therapy Can Help

Making the adjustment from working adult to retired person is not easy.

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